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Aldo Sessa is undoubtedly the most recognized photography artist in his country as well as in most of the world as the one that suceeds in interpreting and transmiting the geography and culture of Argentina.

Born in Buenos Aires- Argentina in the year 1939.
It may well be said that his creative work with images begins with drawing and painting from the age of ten in the "De Ridder" studio, and he specialized in graphic arts, diagramming, audiovisualism and photography at the same time. At present his works are part of private collections of Argentine museums and of other countries. In 1976 a work of his "Antes del Principio"(6mts. by 2 mts. triptych) was distinguished by being donated by the Argentine government to the government of the United States commemorating that country's bicentennial.

Another triptych, "creación del Universo" (5.10 mts. by 2.10 mts.) was donated to the Buenos Aires City planetarium in 1978. In 1980 his picture "Humorum" was requested to be part of the "Nartional Air and Space Museum" I the United States. In 1989 he hung a retrospective exhibition at the National Fine Arts Museum named "The Art of Photography", the same exhibition was later shipped to Mar del Plata and hung in "Villa Victoria" and in the Santiago de Chile National Fine Arts Museum.

In 1992 he was invited by the Israeli government to travel that country to make a traveling exhibition named "One hundred Israel snapshots" He inaugurated a mega show at the "Palais de Glace" of Buenos Aires composed of 400 portraits of Argentine Personalities named "Los Argentinos", reaching a 250.000 people attendance.

He is Honor Member of the Argentine Photography Federation, Full Academician of the National Academy of Fine Arts and director of the photography department of the same institution. Is an expert antique camera collector, which he exhibits together with his work in his study at Pasaje Bollini 2234 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Up to now he has held more than 250 exhibitions and has published more than 30 art books of very high quality in photography reproduction and contents. of which "Los Gauchos", "Argentina, desde el agua, el aire y la tierra", "Argentina, una aventura fotografica", "New Argentina for export" among others.

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